About this site

Hi! So, you’ve got some complex things you need to make sense of? Perhaps you’re an artist and you make data visualisations every day, or perhaps you’re wondering where to start. Perhaps you want to share your experiences and insights with other people who visualise stuff. Or perhaps you’re simply interested and want to know more. Whatever brings you here, welcome!

We’ve been making pictures of organisations for over a decade, and this site is for sharing our learnings, inspirations and insights. Join us on our quest to make the world a more meaningful place. Whether you’re a consultant, an artist, a designer, a graphic facilitator, or just someone filled with curiosity about how the world works, this place is for you.

Why Rich.Pictures?

Well, over the years the term “Rich Picture” has come to mean just about any kind of conceptual picture used in business.  Individual companies and studios often trademark their own terms for corporate pictures – “learning maps”, “story maps”, “big pictures” and so on – but “rich picture” seems to have ended up as a bit of an umbrella term, certainly here in the UK.  So if you’re someone wanting to learn how to make any kind of corporate visualisation the contents of this site will be helpful, whether you’re an artist, consultant, or user.

The term “rich picture” originally comes from Peter Checkland’s Soft Systems Methodology (SSM).  In SSM a Rich Picture is a way of helping people within a system express their own understanding of how the system operates.  There are few parameters as to how the pictures are to be drawn, but the connection with system thinking has a deep resonance with us, and if you consider yourself a systems thinker then you will find a lot of help here in drawing your own rich pictures, or in briefing artists to do so.

Who are you?

In our day job we are known as Visual Meaning.  Feel free to get in touch: